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Keep your body healthy/Stay healthy and fit/Fitness tips/Some basic rules and ways of keeping your body healthy/ How to live a healthy lifestyle?

According to some researches only human beings has the ability to understand and think .Keeping  the body healthy and fit is very important to lead a healthy life.We should also take time for our self and do exercise daily .Many of us start consuming various types of health supplements as powder and capsules to keep their body fit without consulting any doctor.Consuming too much such type of products may be injurious to health.Such way we spend a lot of money and lose our health instead of building our health.

Changing our habits we can keep our body fit.In this article will tell you about some specific measures. Read  this whole article to get benefits.
Follow these tips and stay fit.

Take enough amount of water

Drink 1 liter or water as soon as you wake up early in the morning.Walk or do your work for 5-10 minutes and then go to toilet,Your stomach will be clean.As we have seen an advertise shown by Raju Shriwastava that “PET SHAPHA TO HAR ROG DAPHA “. If we take 2-3 liter of water daily,our metabolic rate (Internal body function ) also be good.And our face will be glowing day by day.The more sweat comes out of  our body ,the more healthy we will be .

Do exercise and Yogasana daily

After getting fresh from our daily routine we should do exercise and Yogasana. We should  include exercises and Yogasana in our daily life.Even a laborer does physical labor but he/she is no healthy .Yogasana has a magical power because I known its benefit personally.Yogasana repairs our cells and the unit of our body structure is cell.

Benefits of yogasana

  • It cleans our body.
  • It repairs  our body cells so our whole body.
  • It keeps us calm and chill.
  • It prevents from diseases.
  • It works on our whole body

Take healthy diet

Take break fast daily at a fix time and don’t skip .This is very important part of our meal
Include all types of nutrients such as protein ,carbohydrate,vitamins,fat and some micro nutrients. We can find such nutrients from the following eatable stuffs
Protein-   egg ,fish ,lentils(all types of  pulses),bean, milk ,dairy product,chicken, peanuts,meat, almond,peas,soy,mushroom
Carbohydrate- starch, sweet potato, potato, brown rice, corn, whole grain, oats, banana bread, barley oatmeal, sugarcane.
Vitmine–Vitmine(A)-Mango,papaya,apricot,fish liver,dairy product
vitamins (B)-poultry, eggs,legumes, leafy green vegetable,meats, legume, seeds
Vitamins(C)- citrus fruits(grapes,oranges awala),strawberries, blueberries ,blackberries,green leafy vegetables,broccoli.
Vitmine(D)-Fish ,fish liver oils ,sunlight
Water- Water is rich of many types of minerals.
Get enough sleep
We should take enough sleep.We get rid of irritability and tension while we take sound sleep.And we get full alertness.If one does not take proper sleep ,he may be mentally disturbed.One should sleep at least 6-8 hours daily.


Follow these some important tips –
  • Take dried fruits daily that help you become energetic.
  • Have breakfast with rich of nutrients at a fix time because it is a first meal of your daily routine
  • Drink 2-3 liter of water daily and water help you glow your body .
  • Avoid fine floor ( maida ) and of its products.
  • Avoid fast food that make you sick and get obesity.
  • Eat salad daily.
I hope that this article will be of good use to you.At last thank you for reading this full article.
Disclaimer–I am not a doctor .It is just a knowledgeable article .If you are sick ,you should go to your doctor and get an  advice. I shall not be responsible for any discrepancy.